Voo N Voo Mobile Application Information

Well, who doesn't love shopping? Especially, when we have Online Shopping apps. Gone are the days when we had to visit the mall and spend an entire day to check which brand store has got what deals just to a pair of clothes or shoes.

But now, in this eCommerce era, every little thing is possible with just a tap on our smartphones. Whether it is an apparel, accessories, or electronics, we have mobile shopping apps for anything and everything.

Voo N Voo is a Universal and a first-of-its-kind Shopping App that's transforms day-to-day shopping transactions between the Customer and the Merchant into a Spectacularly rewarding experience.

For the first time ever, millions of Customers on their daily purchases from favourite online vendors and millions of Merchants on their daily sales through VooNVoo Application.

Merchants who join Voo N Voo enjoy the exclusivity of being the only Winds Executive Partner for specific product category in their area of operation and in such capacity, will be positioned as the only retailer of their business category in their locality.

This unique position in the market enables the merchants to rise above their competition, attract more customers, and establish a base of loyal customers.

Our Representative Contact To You And Submit Your Business Details In Representative Android App.

Submit business information just like a Company Name, Company Address, Contact Person Name, Contact Details, Type of Business, Business Category and Company Logo. All information are submitted on Three Language. Our Representatives are Completely guide our Mobile Application and How to Use.

Partner Mobile Application Insert His Company Information And Submit Products

Our Partner added his Products full information just like a Product Name, Product Description, Product Pictures, Product Price, Product Unite, Product Category, Product Brand, Product Brochure and Product Specification. His client will receive the order. Indian Multi Language Supported and his client accounting.

Users Will Search For Company And Product Based On Location With Indian Languages

Users will search for the product and make a Wishlist.Users will search for the Company and make a Favourite. The user will be ordering his item from where he makes regular purchases. The user checks the status of his financial account and order. Offers placed by the Seller will also be available in time.